Why Choose Westminster Property Management?

Westminster Property Management offers clients something that most property management companies don't have. We are the ones handling your rental, property management and maintenance. When you need a repair, you don't have to worry about extra costs and fees. Our team resides in Westminster so we are able to provide you with quick service.

WPM treats a customer’s investment property like it’s their own

WPM takes great pride in being completely transparent and available to their customers – A core competency

Management provides free consulting services in the setting of rental fees as well as the appropriation or disposal of properties – we are not real estate agents, but knowledgeable in the Westminster rental market

No hidden fees, no contractor mark ups, no surprises. Simple fee structure and owner’s portal for immediate access to all property activities

The entire management and maintenance team reside in or very close to Westminster therefore we are able to provide prompt service and monitoring of properties

Nearly all repairs are done by in-house staff at flat hourly rates

Owner is an experienced property owner whose primary focus is “return on investment” for his customers

Management has over 40 years of rental, property management and property maintenance experience

Local business serving only the local market

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